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To download the latest copy of Winfree for the current season:

  1. Click here for release 2015.10 (2015-01-15)
    bulletNote: Version 2015.09 should be used as the fall back (fire tested at live meets).

    It's easiest to install directly from the Internet  ("run from the current location"). But, if you'd rather save it:
    bulletNote the file name and the directory that it downloading to.
    bulletUsing Start/Run execute the uploaded file. This will automatically run Setup.exe.
    bulletFollow the installation directions.
    bulletWhen you bring up Winfree, Help/About will tell you the version number.

  2. Vista/Win8 Users: The operating system no longer ships with WinHelp32, which is required. To install it (needs to be done only once per machine), go to http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=82148 or local copy

  3. At least once a month, download the "people.txt" file from
    USSA:  http://media.ussa.org/Public/Athletics/CompServices/Points/Freestyle/People.txt
    Canada: http://www.freestyleski.ca/Scoring/people_can.txt
    bulletRight click the above
    bulletPick "Save Target As"
    bulletWINDOWS 7 CHANGE: Save it to someplace you'll remember, like the desktop (do not save to c:/program files/winfree)
    bulletWINDOWS 7 CHANGE: Copy to folder c:/program files/winfree


Next, click here to install other software (once only)


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Major version changes

Corrected bug where the cutoff to 8 for duals did not show in options!

Corrected bug where the qualifier of final did not show in options!

Fixed major people.txt problem. V00-V04 should not be used!

Fixed major load problem. V00 and V01 should not be used!

    - First 2015, including Mogul 60/20/20 and spreadsheet import

Fixed issue with repeats in inverted mogul jumps

    - First 2014 release

    - First beta version of 2014 (new rules)

    - Corrected bug preventing mogul times from printing

    - Logos may now be JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, or ICO

    - Pushed people file from US (including SS/HP rankings) and Canada
    - Mogul DDs modified for FIS and Canada, but not the US

    - First version of 2013

    - Correctly handles phased moguls and aerials

    - First 2012 full release
    - USSA halfpipe is now scored on 100 points/judge, averaged
    - FIS allows 6 judges in Aerials

    - Last 2011 full release






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